Monday, 4 June 2012

A Wee Update

With the weather forecast for Sunday not great we scraped our plans for climbing over the weekend so I decided to get out the trail shoes again and on Saturday ran up and back down from the Plan Aiguille. Climbing from Cham at 1035m up to 2317m on great forest trails. I forgot my watch so don’t have a clue how long I took on the climb. Once at the top I met my work colleague Dorian who had got the lift up on lunch and was about to start running down the way I had come up so I told him my plan to run down another trail so he decided to follow. All in all it went well , it was actually rather sunny and was extremely warm , I’m going to have to get used to this heat soon. I think I was up and down in in around 2hrs 45mins which I am happy with considering I had done the Bellachat run the day before.

I awoke to some rather sore thighs on Sunday so decided it would be a rest day and since it was pouring down I went with Ally and did the usual Cham thing on a rainy day and wandered the gear shops.

It was still raining this morning (Monday) but legs were better so got the kit on again and went out for a jog. didn’t go well , my lungs , legs etc were all great but I just couldn’t find any kind of energy and kept having to stop with my body shaking , very very strange. I managed to go for only 40 mins before returning home. I’m not sure what was wrong but I hadn’t drank much after getting up so I have a feeling I was just super dehydrated. So after a disappointing morning with nobody else off to go for a wee climb I got the lift up to the top of the Aiguille Du Midi (3842m) to start getting a bit acclimatised for the coming climbing season as I am notoriously bad at getting acclimatised so I am going to try and get it sorted this season.

In fact I am currently sat there now typing this blog and staring over to the Grande Jorassses. Uch its not too bad a place to enjoy a coffee.

Oh and one last thing , stay tuned for a very special announcement when I will reveal more about a new project where myself and the famous Ally Swinton will be giving it our all when attempting to scale Mont Blanc without fixed ropes or oxygen to get to the summit with the World Famous Chocolate Golden Coin!

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