Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Its Not Always Sunny In The Alps

Tuesday was a rather hectic day , I woke up and went out on the road bike for the first since last September. I just went out for about an hour and felt pretty good on it , I didn't bother destroying myself just yet on any of the big climbs around so just did a little circuit around Cham.

After that I got the lift up the Aiguille Du Midi (3842m) for some more acclimatisation time , I walked down the Midi arête and just sat for a couple of hours enjoying the view , usually the walk back up the arête is a nightmare but my legs were really strong going back up and breathing was fine so this sitting around up high must be working for me. Will begin the climbing up there pretty soon.

Sitting at 3695m
Midi arete at moment is ace for doing lots of laps up and down , its only really narrow at one point but its super quiet.
I got down late afternoon and nipped home to stick on my running gear , I then got the lift back up but only to the halfway station at 2317m so that I could do a bit of downhill training. Again it was roasting but I made it down the 1250m in 37 mins which was pretty decent.

2317m , time to run down.
A very full on day but worth it.

I got up today and the sunshine had been replaced with pouring rain. I couldn't waste a day so the running stuff went back on and out into the rain I went , I planned on only something short but ended up feeling good so managed an ace little lap up to the small village of Lavancher and back to the house taking me 1hr 46mins I again didn't feel any problems during or after. Today's top tip! If you end up going out a run and 30 mins in you either don't feel great or just cant be bothered then there is no point going on , just go home. On the other hand if you end up feeling good then just keep going

Miserable weather - Endless trails.
Birthday meal tonight and most likely some drinks so it may be a lazy day tomorrow although I still need to get back on the rock asap.

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