Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Bit Of Everything

It's been a pretty eventful couple of weeks. The training head is back on now as Kintyre is not far away so I have been out on the trails loads. I have been doing varying distances of 5km , 10km and 20kms and getting out twice a day a couple of times a week. I am feeling pretty good and ready to up to a 30km run this week , maybe at the weekend. The lighter nights are helping and the lower trails are now snow clear. My 5ks are just cool down runs the day after a big one but I am still running 21min 5ks without a problem and not really pushing it , my 10ks are going well at just under 50 mins. I am feeling good with a good pace and feel I can go on and on when I am out for these runs so all good so far. I managed a good 20km run with 1200m of ascent the other day and it took me 2hrs 25mins. Again felt good after.
Just below park Merlet on my 20km
I have finally invested in a new watch , the Garmin Forerunner 110. I really wanted a watch to track distances and height gain and this ticked all the boxes, So far I am very impressed , it picks up a satellite signal within 2 mins of stepping out of my house and never looses it even when running through dense forests. It has the usual Heart Rate and Calories stuff as well but the distance is what I wanted and it has been great so far.

A little late season powder
I had a friend over staying for a week so we did a little bit of skiing and a little short tour which was a good workout. It is getting pretty warm here now in the valley and there is still some excellent skiing up high to be had but now I am focused on my running. I will still head up for some turns but my cardio work is what I need to do.

Up at Loriaz again
Today I went up the Midi to do a couple of laps of the Cosmiques Arete on my own. Great training as I am always above 3500m. I took my skis so it was faster and safer to traverse to the start. My first lap I got stuck a couple of times behind some groups so was slower than hoped for but the second lap I had to myself. On my first lap I passed a Norwegian couple just after the second abseil then I wondered if I could lap them , unfortunately not but I very very was close as when I got to the end of lap 2 they were just crossing the barrier at the top back to the station. I did receive a strange look and a “where the hell did you come from?” as I replied “lap 2”. I really wanted to go for a 3rd but I had to be in work to cover for Laurent.
On the Cosmiques
The last section on Cosmiques , over looking Cham on the North Side
All going pretty well at the moment but I am still a little concerned I have started training a little too late for Kintyre. I aim to complete the course and feel fresh at the end but I have a feeling in my mind that will not be the case. Apologies for the txt , computer problems , should be fixed soon.

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