Saturday, 12 July 2014

Touchdown Colorado

Apologies for lack of post but it has been hectic since I landed here in the states and I have rarely had web due to being in the mountains. I have kept this post short but hope you enjoy the pics.

Feeling horrible on first run
Way better the next day at 3700m on Hope Pass
 I arrived in Denver and the next day went for a 26 mile run in Leadville and felt awful. The first half went fine but the second I was destroyed and was feeling sick and had a major sore head. I was just too dehydrated and never gave myself any time to acclimatise as the run was never below 3000m!

Mt Bierstadt with Anna. 4036m
Luckily avoided any contact so far
I rested a couple of days after that and then went to follow the Hardrock 100 in Silverton and I cannot describe just how amazing it was. The runs I did around there were simply the best I have ever done anywhere and I had the pleasure of running with Kilian Jornet for a section of the race and then watch him win and smash the old record by 43 minutes.

Best run of my life at Island Lake. A section of Hardrock
More Hardrock
Way too happy
I am now in Leadville looking forward to a good nights sleep in a proper bed after camping this past week. Tomorrow I get up at 5am to start the race and I am super excited to get going even though I have found out that most of the race is on dirt roads but I will do my best to enjoy just being out running at 3000m and above!

Cannot describe how good this was
And this too!
I will stick up a race report and much longer blog next week when I finally get time. Hope you liked the snaps. I have many many more to come.

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