Saturday, 23 March 2013

Time to Focus

Yes I know this is meant to be a running blog but since the alps got hit with a load of new snow last week it was definitely going to be skiing on my days off. Tuesday we headed over to Italy and skied amazing deep powder in a very quiet Courmayeur , easily for me the best days skiing of the season with fresh tracks all day and some ridiculously deep powder. Wednesday was then a road trip to the tiny Swiss resort of Bruson , only 4 lifts but amazing tree skiing and even quieter than Italy the day before.

Fleur enjoying awesome Italian Pow
On the training side of things the time has come to leave the crazy nights out aside for this winter except of course for the final Chambre Neuf Party. I love partying here and with my friends but there comes a time every season it has to stop and its super difficult to get back into training regime but once the first week is out the way then my focus on the summer is back on.

Me in Italy skiing down to Dolonne
I have been out running on lunches and in the evenings. I don’t tend to follow my training stats and view Heart rates etc... but thought I would stick on my Suunto M5 and see how I was looking. This is a watch that I don't actually rate very highly , I am thinking of investing in a Garmin now so I can track distance which would be very good for me as judging distance when training on trails is very difficult. So yesterday on lunch I went for a short 40 mins run up the zigzags behind my house as far as I could go before too much snowed blocked the way , then it was a fast descent and a cruise along the balcon sud trail and down through Chamonix and back up to my house. According to my watch that was a good 617 calories burned , and average HR of 162 and a peak of 184(current resting is at 52). Tonight I went for another short 40 mins but this time a loop through and around Cham centre burning 550 cals , Average HR 154 and a max of 179. As I said I am not really that into checking calories burned and all that guff but having a glance now and then at the HR cant be any harm and it seems to be going fine bearing in mind this is the start of running season for me.

Looks like there is going to be a little trip down to Italy on the 15th of April for a couple days climbing and trail running near the Med so I hope to squeeze in a 30km trail run which would be perfect training as a month later I have the 54km Kintyre Way Ultra in Scotland.

Running will be getting a lot more regular now and I will be heading out twice a day soon so I will keep posting how things are going. Apologies for lack of running pictures as I mistakenly left my camera at home.

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