Monday, 23 July 2012

Back On The Trails

 After 2 days of Mountaineering I decided to spend my other 2 days off by getting on the trails so on Wednesday I got the lift up to the top of Brevent 2400m and ran across the ridge to the Aiguilette Des Houches , from there I then descended a path I have never been down towards Servoz , an awesome awesome trail , narrow but no rocks and it stays on the crest of a great ridge with brilliant views down the valley , from the bottom of that I turned left and headed around towards the Merlet(animal) park and then from there its another great trail back all the way to my door! Took me 2 and a half hours and apart from being a bit bogged down with the heat my legs were ok.

Beat that for a Trail

And that!

The Descent
The following day I decided to run the opposite side of Aiguille Rouge. I drove up to the Col Des Montets in the morning and parked my car up there then cycled back to the house(Only about 10 miles) I then got the lift up to Planpraz at 2000m and ran all the way to the Col Des Montets and my car via Col Cornu and Lac Blanc. It was brilliant and the 2nd section was running along a section of the CCC. If I get to that bit of the race then I know it will be nearly over , although I feel I may be slightly destroyed at that point IF I even get that far. Was again a great training run and was out for 3 hours this time. I really need to invest in a good watch that can track my distances as I have no idea what kind of distances I am doing on training really and that would probably help.

The last 30km of CCC is from just over the hill in the distance and on towards me and down to Cham.
I rested a couple of days and on Sunday on lunch break myself and Dorian ran from the Mid Station to Montenvers and down to Cham in a pretty good hour and 13 mins. On Monday I did a 900m downhill run to work on my technique on uneven and steep terrain and it went well.

Off now for 3 days and there is no one to climb with as they are all working or away other places , wish I could climb but I need to stick at running. Tomorrow my plan is to do a quick solo Traverse of the Crochue and then later on I am going to drive to Trient in Switzerland and run from there to Champex(17km) and then just turn around and run back again. This is a section of the CCC also. Champex is at the 54km mark(halfway) My plan is to run to Champex in daylight and then wait until it gets dark and run back to test my new head torch out and also just to get used to running with a head torch as I will be using if all goes well for about the last 30kms of the race. Wednesday and Thursday are undecided so far.

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