Friday, 19 December 2014

(Not quite) the best of both worlds

Well winter should arrive here in the Alps at some point we hope. We have had some dustings of snow but nothing major. It's looking a bit dry over the next week and we can only hope it really starts to dump it down at the end of the month.

Not enough snow to ski down so running down it is
I have been keeping quiet and just working. I have made a few trips up Grand Montets with Naila on my days off and it's been good to get on the skis. My new skimo set up is complete and what a difference it makes. The skis and boots are pretty damn light and makes life a lot easier on the way up and the downhill is actually decent as well. It's still going to take me a while to really get the technique down using this kind of gear but I will persist at it.

Naila heading up GM
Since we don't have a huge deal of snow I have been out running as well. The steep run up to Col Lachat behind my house is great fun however there is some snow plodding involved nearer the top which makes the descent on my slick trail shoes rather fun. I'm still loving getting out running right now but also ready to get the skiing into full swing and just sit the running aside for a couple of months but until winter decides to arrive I am quite enjoying having both options although there is a little too much snow for running up high and not enough for skiing! My running is still feeling really strong and my uphill strength is much better right now than on skis. I am still surprising myself at some of the climbs I am able to run/jog up here behind my house, It's going to take some time to get that strength back for next years races but I do hope all this Skimo helps a little with the transition in the spring from skis to trail shoes.

Pretty views from Skiing in the morning...
and more pretty views from running in the afternoon.
Unfortunately the Ice Trail Tarantaise is full next July so I am on the hunt for another race in France in mid July around the 65-80km mark if I am unable to get Tour des Fiz. My list for next year is as follows....

May 6th – Transvulcania 75km 4000m+(Canary Islands)

June 26th – Chamonix Vertical KM

July 26th - Tour des Fiz 61km – 5000m+(Haute Savoie , France) - Entries not yet open

August 22nd – Leadville 100(pacing 30+ miles)

September 6th – The Rut 50km 3000m+(Montana) – Entries open January

September 25-26th – The Bear 100miles - 7000m+(Utah)

As you can see I still need to wait on some entries to open but I will for sure try for the Tour des Fiz and The Rut. I would like to do another race early August around the 40km distance but nothing has sprung out at me except the Tromso Skyrace in Norway but I can't really see me making it to that due to work and also the cost as I will be travelling to the Canary Islands for Transvulcania and also my trip to Colorado , Utah and the drive up to the Rut in Montana is all going to add up. So as it stands I would like the above list to be the final one but it could change a little if I find a race early August in France.

Still happy to be running in the snow
So a short little update of what's been going on recently but really I am taking it a bit easy this month and then I will start to slowly increase the volume of my training once the new year arrives.

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