Wednesday, 29 October 2014

End of another October in Scotland

The weather here has been pretty rotten for the past couple of weeks with torrential rain and strong winds. I have been out doing my local 10-15km routes almost everyday. It's been a bit of a slog in some of the weather but it needs to be done. I have also managed to run a couple of Munro's up near Callander in what was also horrendous weather and a few days ago I went for my annual run up the Cobbler in Arrochar to be greeted near the summit with gale force winds. I was car to car in 1hr 18mins. I can't say it was super fun but I do feel I still need to get out in these conditions just so when it happens on a race I am used to it. It really is one thing I don't think a lot of Americans do. From what I seen it is usually amazing weather over there especially in the Denver area and foothills. I am sure it gets cold in winter but the driving rain and gale force winds is something I reckon they never venture out in. For sure I would prefer to always run in good weather but that's impossible here so now and then it's good to get out and battle with the weather.

Heading up Ben Vorlich near Callander just
before the weather turned absolutely foul
I have still been getting the shin pain creeping back on me from RRR. It always starts around the hour mark and just gets worse and worse. It seems more aggravated on the tarmac. It's funny how it never really happened on the Lakes 3x3 race but since then it comes back on almost every run. I am icing it in the evenings and from next week my running will fall back to 2 or 3 times a week so I am hoping that all it needs is just a long rest.

Time for an epic mud run to the car
So for now it's back to Chamonix for yet one more winter. I was all ready to say bye bye to Chamonix for a good while when I left in June for Colorado but having now been back in Scotland for a month and having just a week of great weather and raced at the awesome Lakes 80k. The monsoon arrived and I had been offered my job back in France so I couldn't really say no. I had no other plans in Scotland for work and I need £££££££'s after my long long summer so Chamonix it is. I am not complaining about going back there but I was feeling like I needed a change for a while but Scotland is not it. It's great to come back here and see some friends and run some Munro's but when reality kicks in I realize Scotland is not the place for me to be living right now. I am excited to get skiing again and I will be doing more and more touring this season to keep my fitness level as high as I can. All I am thinking about is working as much as I can this winter to fund another summer in the States and pay for my flights and race entries and I really hope it is all going to work out.

A rare sight recently. Blue skies appeared
so I shot out the door and went for a lovely 20kms
So I set off for Cham again in a couple of days and once I get settled into my new place I am sure the trail shoes will be going back on until the snow arrives. I must admit I am pretty excited about doing a couple of my usual runs back there next week.

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