Thursday, 30 August 2012

Not Looking Good

Well the weather is turning out to be extremely bad. I have had two text message warnings over the past 12 hours advising to wear extra clothing and that the weather is going to be bitterly cold and snowing. It is pouring in Chamonix right now.

I reckon the start will go ahead but I can see it being cancelled a few hours into the race. I dont reckon they would cancel before the start as that would mean refunds and a logistical nightmare of transfering people over to next years race but if they start it and have to cancel then no refunds and all thats needed is to cart everyone back to Cham in buses. I am almost certain that this will happen. Saturday and Sunday weather is looking not as bad but doubt they will hold off a day. The only other option is to slightly alter the route to skip the two high points early on where the weather will be horrendous , this is a good option but who knows.

If however it all goes ahead then it is going to be a tough one and pretty horrible , and also I am not feeling very well! Coming down with a cold I think which is not good , hopefully get rid of it today.

Anyway at the moment it is all still on.

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